Creative women who make me VERY happy to be alive today!

“…changing the emphasis of what’s important.” – Margaret Kilgallen

Jessica Tang

Cuz this human can embroider the hell out of any subject!!

Jessica Tang: Tracing the silhouette

Mariko Paterson

Read this essay by Mariko – and see for yourself why she is just so DAMN COOL!

Kathleen Hanna (and Bikini Kill & Le Tigre)

…for her music lyrics, her refusal to conform, and her courage to defy.

Amelia Butcher


Sally Nixon

[The Fake] Chicks on Speed

For their art, pushing EVERY boundary! love’m..

(…and because Alex Murray-Leslie is ALSO working on her PhD in Arts Based/Practice-Led Research! I can feel her pain in Canada, all  the way from Melbourne. 😉


Please feel free to share my love!

Published by Danielle Hogan

Visual artist, writer, curator, educator

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