Sweet marmalade/sweater..

(…thinking about ‘affect’, what it is when it happens – and the colour of marmalade.)


Today I also discovered and fell in love with this beautiful, messy, long-form, poem by Canadian poet ‘Alasia’…

Alasia Canadian (1997- )

Sep 13, 2016

Good people and bad things run through meadows and storms hand in hand, the star crossed lovers who keep trying to make it work: they fall off cliffs and jump into tornadoes praying someday they’ll be rebirthed. They want to be soulmates and share smiles, the good people want to stay good but bad things think they’re right no matter what they do they bicker and they fight. Neither want to change or to start anew they just want to do things they see lovers do, so good people trip and sink in the mud while bad things watches and dictate out of love. The good people cry because of distance and fright while bad things smile and say it’s only right, good people have no choice in the bad things displayed they want to make the best of it but bad things get in the way. Good people think karma will come through for them in the end but karma kills bad things and good people lose their friends. Good people don’t believe in goodbyes they breathe an air of see-you-soons, they take comfort in thinking they share the same moon and that one day they’ll climb the stars and have a picnic full of family but bad things weighs them down like bad things are gravity. An anchor is how the claim themselves, the yang to every yin, without them around there’d be no good things to win because there would be no balance we’d float sideways and drift through space but good people can’t help but feel trapped in one place. Bad things are like walls without windows that trap them inside and it’s constantly raining and the humidity is high, bad things come in chest pains, in moving away from home, in the thoughts of forgiveness, and writing a poem. Good people can break when the bending becomes too much when bad things weigh the scale good people skyrocket into the sun and burn until they’re grey and they wake up in a field and they don’t feel quite the same because good people can become bad people and the bad things feelings will change, they’ll find more good people to claim and these bad people fade into rain clouds and float through the sphere watching good people making wrong choices and regretting what put them here. Good people surely can come around, find a medium to sit, they believe things can get better but are much more jaded when bad things come knocking they sigh with an ‘of course’ and bad things will try harder to make good people feel remorse because eventually it’s not love it’s just a disdain, a part of life we grow to blame because we don’t want to be accountable for the sour splotches of our lives we want to say bad things are behind the wheel whenever we drive but it’s our car and our keys and we can take them back at any time the important thing to remember is though we can’t rewind we can pause, even just for a second and say ‘today has been bad and it feels like it will never end but tomorrow I’ll fix the issues that won’t go away’ because it’s all a state of mind, even at our lowest we can bounce back to forgive to forget to prosper and try again. To see bad things and challenge them with the good we hold inside, negativity is less than the positivity we’ve been taught to hide. So screw bad things and their tendency to get in the way, remember we’re good people and strive to be better everyday.



Published by Danielle Hogan

Visual artist, writer, curator, educator

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