‘Just Making It’ – proposal defence


Phewf! Over this big hurdle.

This is what I’ve got so far.. hogan_proposal-defence_013017webcopy (pres. visuals)

hogan_oral-research-proposal-presentation_web-ready (written presentation)


Thank you to all those who have supported, and continue to support me along this path that I’ve chosen. There are so very many of you that I need to thank, so please understand that I haven’t begun a list that would surely be incomplete.

You know who you are. From the bottom of my heart – thank you! I’ve needed you.

*After note: Did I ever conk out Monday afternoon! The defence finished at 12:30, following which my mum treated me to lunch along with my sister Rian, and my mother-in-law Bonny. Once I got home I laid down on the couch to enjoy a sunny stream of winter light coming in though the living-room window. I woke up – hours later- in the dusk light, confused and in a sweat, my whole system upset. I think that subconsciously, I had been holding in so much in preparation for this day that I didn’t even realize how tense I was. This is particularly relevant to me in that I am studying hard to understand instances of ‘affect’ and its many effects..

My husband Jeff and I went for a celebratory drink later that evening. Then we picked our children up from their grandparents’ house and headed back home. That night in bed, I dreamt of narrowly fleeing an aggressively erupting volcano by leading my children, and some friends up  to the fourth floor of an abandoned hotel building which, once I had settled them safely, I promptly sought to escape from in order to get a coffee…  (Anyone care to decipher this one?…)

Published by Danielle Hogan

Visual artist, writer, curator, educator

2 thoughts on “‘Just Making It’ – proposal defence

  1. Amazing. Well done Danielle. I have a dream book and you can have a look at it. It can help you to discover the secrets behind your dreams . Peggy Holt

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