New year, same me. “Kept Going”

Happy New Year!

My family and I enjoyed a nice holiday of turkey, wine, sugar, gifts, friends and the typical chaos. It my sincere hope that you got break as well (you can see just how played-out I became in the selfie of the girls laughing… with me napping on the couch in the background!).

I love to think that we rang in a “feminist” new year when I look back on the photos taken at 12am January 1st… but it might just be that those were the least blurry photos that I have. We ‘Kill Joys‘ (weary) do remain ever hopeful!

Cleaning up from the holidays – that’s what I spent all of last Sunday doing (perhaps some of my photos of the ‘nearly’ undone tree, and the pile of unboxed ornaments look similar to your experiences from the last week?). Making/unmaking. Moving on. Moving past/forward..

Last weekend (just before I set off on a snowy walk, contemplating what ice-fishermen and crafters might have in common..) my girlfriend Abby Paige gave me the sweetest gift – a little ‘Kept Going‘ pin (see it in my photos; it’s red with a little pink and green ribbon).

Now, I’ll admit to thinking at first that she might have perhaps saved the gift and presented it to me once my dissertation was complete (instinctively, I felt that it was in reference to the PhD ‘albatross’ which follows me everywhere and certainly I’m not worthy of any praise for inflicting that load on my friends!). But, with a bit more time I had a lovely realization. What I recognized and have come to I love most about this pin that Abby gave me is that, for the most part, it perfectly describes what so many of us have done when faced with adversity; we’ve KEPT GOING. You had a rough day with your family – but you KEPT GOING; Someone said something really offensive to you – but KEPT GOING; You made a mistake – and KEPT GOING. The pin resonates because instead of encouragement (“keep going”) it’s acknowledgement of the what we’ve already faced regardless of how much is left to be un/done. It’s over. You’ve faced it (whatever the load is) today.  Tomorrow is a new day! Abby’s pin was a little ‘I noticed, and it mattered’.

Just stop and think about it, that might be the best we can do for each other.  I noticed. It mattered: Notice. Recognize. Affirm (and when we can, celebrate).

Thanks Abby! ❤


I often walk around my house making ‘mental alterations’ to toys laying around, thinking to myself ‘now, if I made that… “.  Occasionally, I even get up the nerve to dismantle a few of the those toys to make what I see as DEFINITE improvements (see ‘Wookie-Girl’ above. She’s sporting her best “Tell me that you didn’t just actually F@&m#*ing say that to me?!”-face) (yes, we did go see Star Wars: Rogue One over the holidays). Just say’n.. it was a little ‘feminist-craftivist’ moment I had back in late December. (*RIP Carrie Fisher, love. You fierce self-rescuing princess you..)

Last night I had the privilege of attending this talk with my mom. There’s just too much to cover in this little ‘catching up’ post of mine today. The panelists shared touching, important, personal and very political stories. However, please look up any of writing by Sara Ahmed to get you engaged in the conversations.

Lastly today, I’m busy making a new quilt and a heap’n pile of feminist felt-fortune cookies for Toronto’s upcoming Feminist Art Conference! The Gynocratic Art Gallery will be there at the Maker Fair. Check in with them as they are also doing some fantastically important work.

Cheers, from my side of the pattern!


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Visual artist, writer, curator, educator

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