Traditions: Making Special

To the members of my family (to all those whom I have been gifted by blood, and/or by choice) Year after year, may we make this the happiest of seasons for each other.

“We grow up unaware that our yearly routines were sowing and tending traditions.
The rituals engulfed and enveloped us, and our youthful naïveté told us that this was just life – how our holidays were done. Only with age, and a healthy dose of selflessness, have we seen that this rhythm of delight and anticipation is the careful and thoughtful product of a family or parents what want to experience life with us.”

“this is how we measure the depth of our bated breath. this is how we calculate the expectancy of our hearts. the existence of our families are not entirely dependent on the existence of such activities and traditions, but the sustenance of such rituals is the soil in which we cultivate a deeper sense of commitment, history, and meaning. a group of casual friends becomes a community, a family becomes a tribe.”

-author Rebecca Parker Payne (2012, p. 41)


Published by Danielle Hogan

Visual artist, writer, curator, educator

2 thoughts on “Traditions: Making Special

  1. When you follow a traditions, it so meaningful.. I do so many things that my Mum used to do because it makes me feel closer to her. I’m certain early morning “birthday decorating complete with balloons” will never be forgotten by Mikaya and Tate, or HUGE Christmas parties with extrodinaire decorating. You have made some wonderful memories and traditions for them to follow…

  2. A wonderful piece that says so much. We are so glad to be part of – The Family – and relish each occasion we are asked to share. Various family traditions get melded together to form new ones in new generations as we all make our mark at shaping new traditions . Love you

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