Postdoc Blues (I’m not actually THERE yet!)

Dear John K. Samson,
As academics, we are not often worthy of lyrics for a song. In fact, it can be argued that academics might often need to be reminded the extent to which we represent the privileged few, and the need to wear such privilege with a real sense of duty.
And yet, it is true that there is toil in academic work, days where there may seem to be good cause to choose a path somehow more decent or prudent. But, without the ability to locate such paths on any map, and with the faint hope that we might possibly be part of making something better – we travel on..

So, thank you for your song ‘Postdoc Blues’.

Sincerely, DH


So your presentation went terrible. All wrong dongle, sweat stains and stares. Leave the TV on with the sound down low, in your underwear. Don’t despair, you’ll get it right tomorrow night in Thunder Bay, maybe. Don’t delay, your day is short, you can’t afford to wait. I believe in you and your PowerPoints. I know why you can’t stay away. Out on Highway One with a rental car and a lot to say. Don’t despair, you’ll get it right tomorrow night in Nipigon, maybe. Don’t delay, our day is short, we can’t afford to wait. So take that laminate out of your wallet and read it, and recommit yourself to the healing of the world, and to the welfare of all creatures upon it. Pursue a practice that will strengthen your heart.

-John K. Samson

Published by Danielle Hogan

Visual artist, writer, curator, educator

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