November 9th, 2016

We have a job to do today.

Our children do not understand; many of us do not understand here in Canada, in the US, and internationally.

As parents many of us talk to our children about why it is not acceptable (especially for someone seeking the presidency of a world superpower) to treat anyone who is not white, christian, straight and male as lesser than.

As parents we have stood in our kitchens recently – little ears open wide, listening over their breakfast cereal – as report after report was communicated over the radio of, criminally offensive and sexist allegations made against an American presidential candidate. Many of us then swooping in as those reports closed off, desperate to profess to our children that though the history of global, systematic male domination of women is true, “we” are of the belief that the world is “a more a more hopeful and enlightened place now”. Perhaps even concluding with something to the effect of, “the US is on the precipice of electing its first female president in November!”. Many of us had that-sort-of-hope.

For many of us, today isn’t about hope; I argue that today CAN NOT be, about “hope”. Rather, today NEEDS TO BE about modelling INDEFATIGABILITY, PARTICIPATION and HUMANITY.

Globally, many of us have repeatedly undertaken to explain to our youth the distinctions between Democracy, and electoral democracy. During the US election campaign there was considerable discussion regarding a need to ‘fear the uneducated voter’ which remains challenging to explain/define without sliding into exactly the kind of arrogance and self righteousness that must not allow. Education is a privilege not afforded to so many; we CAN NOT forget that.

The world can be a frightening place and though what some of us have feared as being “the worst possible thing” has indeed happened, it is essential that we MODEL EMPATHY and HUMANITY in the face of this, most recent, “worst”.

screenshot-2016-11-09-16-02-59We must discuss with our children the need to have, and ENACT, empathy for people who have experienced such extreme poverty, hunger, and disappointment that they would choose to vote against the ‘establishment’ and for such divisiveness.
We need rather to explain/define EMPATHY, and its pressing value in juxtaposition to simple-tolerance.

We must talk to our children about the need to face, with clarity and balanced consid
eration, what is finest for HUMANITY; today our RESPONSIBILITY must be to teach INDEFATIGABILITY. We must show youth that in the face of ANY rhetoric, bigotry, or evil we must NEVER choose hate and retaliation.


We have an important job to do.
Us/US start today.

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Published by Danielle Hogan

Visual artist, writer, curator, educator

One thought on “November 9th, 2016

  1. Today is a sad day. I am in my 70’s and thought finally we would see a woman break that ceiling! You gave it a hellava good try Hillary, I’m afraid we will never live long enough to ever see it happen.

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