Open Studio at JIWAR

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Last evening we had an open studio at JIWAR to share what we have been up to here in Catalan. It was a hot evening, with the weather threatening thunder, all in all very ‘Spanish’ feeling!

We were not expecting a huge number of people as August is typically the time when stores close and families travel outside of the city for vacation, however we were so thrilled to realize that our exhibition was noted in Barcelona’s largest newspaper – La Vanguardia – and the turnout was EXCELLENT.

It was thrilling for me to have the opportunity to

What follows are some beautiful images from the evening at JIWAR taken by Georgian photographer and masters student at Université Paris Diderot  – Nana Gilemiani. The photographs include the work of sculptor Girogi Maghradze, painter Dana Zed, author and academic Namita Chakraharty, and me, Danielle Hogan.

And the following are my photos, and of the work of Dana Zed (San Francisco, CA):

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