La Festa Gracia (preparing out on the street now, it’s getting so close!)


I am so grateful to Mireia at JIWAR for introducing me to the wonderful community of residents in and around Berga. The sum total of my Spanish language capabilities is “Gracia” (thank you), “Sin bolsa” (‘no bag’ from trips to the grocery store..), “Vale, vale” (‘ok, ok’ you hear this a lot when people are carrying on a conversation), and “vermut” ( know, the ‘important’ stuff!), and the people of Berga have persevered, making me feel included in all of the preparation for this wonderful festival. I was even invited out for food and a drink this evening which was an honour I would not have ever expected.

I so hope that at some point I might be able to repay their kindness, even if it is “paying it forward” as we say, once I am back in Canada. xo


La Festa Grande Gracia preparations from other streets near JIWAR, other then ours on Berga.

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