The Gracia Embroiderer

As those of you following this blog already know, for my JIWAR residency project I am making decorations for Festa Major de Gracia. Today, I decided to ‘go rogue’ and try my hand at a paper maché figure on my own here at the residency (see here for what I am volunteering with in the community of Gracia). My plan is to create an ’embroidering woman’ who will preside over the balcony here at JIWAR (along with the bunting that I’m also making) during the week long festival!

So far I’ve created the plastic bottle & newspaper form with tape, and covered it in one layer of paste paper and paper towel (for the record, I do recognize that it looks much more like ET, or a strange fetus then a woman at this point in the process, but I have high hopes!)

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 9.07.28 PM

Published by Danielle Hogan

Visual artist, writer, curator, educator

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