Today’s progress towards Festa Grande de Gracia..


And now here are some images from tonight’s festival preperations by other groups near my residency at JIWAR and still in the community of Gracia.

And, here is what I worked on with the Berga street volunteers! (Does he look scary? Marcel and I worked very hard on him in the attempt to make it so..)

Lolita – the wonderful woman who has been translating for me from French to Spanish over the last week – was not able to come to help this evening and we still did ok! Everyone is SO happy to have the help, and always willing to engage my (ongoing) friendly game of ‘charades’. Honestly, they couldn’t make me feel more welcome, nor do I think that I could take more joy from sharing a smile and laugh between these warm people for whom, a week ago, I was a complete stranger..

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  1. It certainly is coming together. When is the ‘hanging’? How long does celebration go on? So many questions?

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