Getting to work on my personal project of bunting for Grande Gracia at JIWAR

Last night I began to work on my bunting project for JIWAR. I have been collecting business cards, tourism pamphlets, small maps, etc since I arrived in Spain, with the intention of somehow using them in the banners.

On my way to the Berga workshop yesterday, I discovered a little store which sold large round hole punches. That is what I decided to used to cut all of these circles last night in my studio and then combined them with coloured paper which I brought from Canada.

So, these are images of my first small work!


Now, I like this second attempt even better. I really want to incorporate some of the amazing patterning, mosaics,  and tile work that exist here in Barcelona (it is the city of Antoni Gaudi after all!). The hole punches that I have used in this bunting, I brought from Canada – amazingly they match the pattern on the glass doors of my studio perfectly! Have a look.


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  1. Pretty cool that the paper cutter matches the window pattern! That’s where an artist’s mind jumps in , I could sit for a week and never see that! This venture is perfect for you, soak it in and stay safe.

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