Preparing for the children of Festa Major de Gracia

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(unknown photographer from a past Festa de Gracia) * I’ve included this photo because it so beautifully communicates what it feels like to be amongst this community here in Gracia. Warm, beautiful, and full of family and neighbours of all ages.

I was back this evening in the Festa workshop with volunteers from the Berga community of Gracia. Tonight we were preparing activities for the children who will come and visit their street during the Festa de Gracia. (*Funny little side note: It turns out that the wonderful woman who I called “Teressa” all evening Saturday was actually NOT Teressa at al.l Rather, my “Teressa” was the woman who had (years ago) lived in Paris and was the only one able how communicate with me in French!! My bad ..they all laughed tonight once I realized my mistake, and then swiftly moved along so as not to embarrass me any more that I had already embarrassed myself..)

While she was cutting out bright paper flowers (the real Teressa), she asked me if I might have any other ideas for crafts that the children could do (relating to their secret theme..of course) that would use the recycled materials they have on hand. I just love how ‘recycling’ and accessibility, as opposed to ‘professionalism’ and ‘flash’, are such very important themes/aspects of this festival. I was very flattered that she asked for my impute, and we quickly got to work on the spider and caterpillar designs that you see below.

It is honestly such a privilege to be welcomed so warmly – and so quickly – into this community in Gracia. I love being with the other volunteers and listening to them laugh and tease each other,  even thought I only catch the smallest whiff of an understanding every ten or fifteen words!

I came back to my room at JIWAR tonight tired and very happy, sometime after 9pm to begin to work on my own art project for the festival here at JIWAR.  Making!

Published by Danielle Hogan

Visual artist, writer, curator, educator

One thought on “Preparing for the children of Festa Major de Gracia

  1. So happy that things are going well. You are definitely a Citizen of the World…glad you are enjoying everything. Take care, love you….Mum

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