He has no idea what a compliment his curiosity was to me..

Yesterday my husband and I had our son all to ourselves for the morning. His sister was at a sleepover at their cousin’s, so we were enjoying some one-on-one time with him over this rainy Sunday morning at home.

As one point (I was tidying up in my room) he was sitting at my desk, in front of the sewing machine, when he called out “I want to learn to sew”. Needless to say, I was thrilled and immediately abandoned my clean-up!  I asked him if he wanted to sew a small quilt for his favourite stuffed animal; he loved the idea.

From my studio I got out a selection of fabric squares and scraps for him to choose from for his quilt. We began to sew colourful square to square. I then got out the iron and, for the first time ever, he was permitted to run the hot iron back and forth over the fabric, pressing them flat to prepare to sew the next squares. He was really interested in his ability to change the type of stitch the machine could perform. He also loved being given the opportunity to select a ‘camping’-themed fabric for the backing of his small quilt because, “our family camps a lot”; Yes, Sweetheart, we do.

After about 20-25 minutes, it’s relevant to include in this story, my son was ready to move on to watching a cartoon on his dad’s iPad. So, I swiftly wrapped up our project. I didn’t want it to go on so long that it left him tired, or frustrated; I wanted to go out on a high!

Success; this morning as he prepared to leave for summer day-camp, our son ran upstairs to get his puppy, wrapped in his new little quilt. He wanted his stuffy to accompany him as his set off for this week’s new adventures!

He and I have more plans for sewing over the coming days. We want to use the “interesting button” that stitches a button hole. This will allow puppy’s quilt to be turned into a form of sleeping bag for our next weekend adventure into the wild; of course!

I am so proud that he asked, without reservation, or bias, or self-consciousness, to learn to sew..


Published by Danielle Hogan

Visual artist, writer, curator, educator

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