The Gynocratic Art Gallery means a lot to me. It began as an extension of my studio-based doctoral  research, as an Interdisciplinary PhD program at the University of New Brunswick.

Two weeks ago The GAG launched a nation wide mail out called Grow The GAG! The mail-out went to many artist-run centers across Canada, as well as universities, and the Feminist Art Project at Rutgers University in New Jersey. The goal of the gallery’s mail-out is to increase public awareness regarding The GAG’s feminist, and volunteer mandate.

And it is out of the deepest respect for the work  of artists Allyson Mitchell and Deirdre Logue at The Feminist Art Gallery (FAG) in Toronto that The GAG ascribes to the FAG’s mandate of “hosting, funding, advocating, supporting and claiming”. Particularly, The GAG seeks currently to support artists whose work in under-represented by more traditional art sources.  Hence the campaign #GrowTheGAG !

The entire GAG community is very excited about the gallery’s two current projects! Immediately below are images from the gallery’s Grow The GAG seeds project. …coming soon to a garden near you. Welcome to spring with the Gynocratic Art Gallery!

Importantly this month at The GAG. I had the opportunity, as part of a work trip to Toronto, to conduct a series of art-drops on behalf of The Gynocratic Art Gallery and the gallery’s Feature Artist for the month of June, the amazing Canadian artist Allison Green.

Below is an image of the Allison Green’s drawing featured on the front of the postcard. Green, with her friends at The GAG, welcome ‘finders’ to draw on/into/over and then mail to a friend (the pieces were ‘art-dropped’ with stamps attached).


The back of the cards read:

Whoever finds this card…

This card is a work of art, and represents a collaborative project  between The GAG, artist Allison Green and (possibly) you!

You have three choices:

  1. Leave it where you found it for someone else to find.
  2. Write a note, do a drawing, colour the image & note the date and place you found it. Then post a photo of your creation with the hashtag #GrowTheGAG – then mail your card to a friend.
  3. Give it to someone else.


Drops were completed all over the city of Toronto: from Kensington Market, to the Art Gallery of Ontario, NOW magazine racks, coffee shops, art supply stores, OCAD University and the airport. So keep your eyes peeled – The GAG, along with Allison, are truly looking forward to hearing back from those who discovered these little gifts!

Can’t wait to see what comes next this summer. I can say that the GAG is looking forward to hosting on-line exhibitions by artist Diana Weymar, Anne J. Steeves from Canada and Karin Sandberg of Sweden, so DO STAY TUNED!!

Also, please get in touch with the gallery they, and me, (as the gallery’s founding ‘midwife’) would love to hear if you have any thoughts, comments, suggestions for us.

Cheers Creatives!

Published by Danielle Hogan

Visual artist, writer, curator, educator

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