Racing, reset, re:, re: re..

March break is over and now it’s back to the books, and there is so much to do. Currently I am waiting to hear back regarding my most recent comprehensive exam results, working on my thesis proposal (the next official step in my doctoral work), creating a small series of portrait paintings, two books of ‘paint-outs’, and developing a number of different themes for a summer residency.

Shit, sometimes in the morning it is hard to decide whether I need to be writing about art, or making it!

Two weeks ago I was awarded a Sheila Hugh MacKay International Residency award. I am honoured and incredibly grateful to have been selected for this prestigious award. What this award means for me is that I will now be traveling to Barcelona this July to make artwork for two and a half weeks. JIWAR is an international residency (Canadian readers, think of the Banff Center in concept, only more modest in scale), which focuses on hosting artists researching in the area of urban creativity. My project  this summer I will be meeting with community members in the area of Gracia (an area within Barcelona) to interview them about their participation in the annual Festa Major de Gracia and to contribute to some of the preparations. I will also be giving an artists talk at the center which I am very excited about.

Below is a small collage of street-decorations from previous years of Festa Major de Gracia.

I came across this short video recently about the exceptionally gifted craftspeople involved in the creation of haute couture designs in France. Wouldn’t material like this from Chanel craftspeople make incredible lanterns for Festa Major!?

Just consider how sculptural all of this beaded detailing is..


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Visual artist, writer, curator, educator

2 thoughts on “Racing, reset, re:, re: re..

  1. Really great info . Can now picture what the residency is about. Gracia is a wonderful community within Barcelona .You will love it .

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