I (heart) Fiber

To all of my Canadian family, friends and colleagues,

As most of you already know, I am rarely in a position of pointing out the correctness of my ‘spelin’..  However in this case, I would like to head you all off at the pass by emphasizing that Every Fiber of My Being is an AMERICAN exhibition, hence (in THIS case) the funky spelin!

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Off yesterday morning from the Fredericton airport, so that I could install my artwork at The Art Council of Princeton (N.J.) on today. The exhibition Every Fiber of My Being opens Saturday afternoon. I would love to have the chance to say hello if you are anywhere near Princeton this weekend!

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This is a slide show from the installation today in Princeton at the Arts Council – I want to say that it has been among THE most professional public arts centers that I have had the privilege to exhibit in my career to date. Absolutely everyone has been extremely thoughtful, and most gracious, I have been made to feel very welcome here in Princeton.

Additionally, I would like to extend a very special thank you to Caroline & Helmut Weymar, my hosts for the weekend, in addition to Diana Weymar, the extremely insightful exhibition curator of the Every Fiber of my Being.

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And these are a few images from my sunny (yet quite breezy) walk around the University of Princeton campus today on a little coffee break from the gallery (..goodness, you can really see how from these photos how tired I am).


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