“Big days”, “bad guys”, brunches, birthdays and all the good stuff inbetween

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(*Behind the scenes for a minute: To those of you who received this unfinished post yesterday – my apologies, I hit “send” by accident.

Life’s funny though because, as I was attempting to compose this post about “life”, family, work, and the endeavour to maintain balance, my kids were playing around me and an argument broke out that called for my immediate attention. My fingers slipped to the wrong corner of the computer’s touch pad, and “off went” my incomplete and unbalanced thoughts to you Touché dear lifetouché!)

Back to my original post:

The night before last I handed in my methodology comprehensive exam and, yes, if you’re following my story with regularity you may have noted that I have done that once already.  But anything worth doing, is worth doing twice, right? Uh, I meant well.

To be frances the truth is.. I’d make a terrible “Frank” (Ugh! I know.. Sorry for the bad joke. The feminist in me made me say it!). What I meant to admit is, that I am a real “spelin chanp” who also still has a thing or two (or ninty-eight..) to learn about APA formatting. So, the comp called for a second try. Fortunately for me however, I am a pretty adequate talker, and the next step in my research is actually an oral exam. (phew.)

My family love to tease me that the first “doctoral candidate worthy” therm that I began tossing around a few years back was the word ‘pedagogy’ (basically the word just means how, and why a person teaches the way that they do; their educational belief system, or philosophy).  Fair enough then, that anyone might ask what my interest is in pedagogy. In short, it’s trying to walk the walk. You know the saying, “if you’re going to talk the talk, then you’d  better walk the walk”. We’ll turns out that “doctoral candidate speak” for this is praxis (which basically just means ‘behaving in such a way that are enacting or, embodying, your philosophy).

So, this brings me to the “big days”, “bad guys”, brunches, birthdays, and all the good stuff in-between part of my story. Over the time I was pushing to finish this last comp, many other things came up, which took me away from my focus on  writing. Each time it stressed me out, and (each time) I tried to remember that this ‘disruption’ was not taking me away, it was in fact bringing me back to my “work”. Fact of the matter is, the comp is simply my attempt to articulate what I believe in – what matters to me- the “work” of my particular life.  See, what no one told me before I started is that this PhD stuff isn’t rocket science, (though I do recognize that some are studying aerospace engineering..) and I am no smarter than anyone else on the planet. What I am however, is privileged, lucky, and tenacious. I sincerely think that anyone with these three qualifications might do research too, if they felt like it.

Though my family believe that I possess passable multitasking skills, I am in fact, rather one track minded. I think about them – my family – most of the time. This is a little album of recent images featuring the three closest to my heart:

And this is a little slide show of what my comp is really about.. The “big days” (making faces at each other for the camera & building blanket-forts) “bag guys” (that would be all of those from the ‘Imperial Order’ of Star Wars – of course!), brunches (with dear, dear friends in Saint John), birthdays (my beautiful mother’s) and all of the other good stuff in between (old roommate from Vancouver visiting for the weekend)..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for reading my story. I hope that you find a way to share yours.


(If you would like to read the version of my comp with all of the “doctoral candidate worthy” words in it. Just click here Hogan_Methodology Comp_final.)


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