Denesuliné community, have courage

I have been thinking about the Community of La Loche all week. How have the elders possibly found the words to sustain their youth? How are the children processing these events, alone, together, in ways that will allow them to heal? How? I have confidence that the elders of La Loche, the community itself – but not by itself- can, and will find a way through this time of tragedy.

It is my feeling that it is important that the community of La Loche knows that people care.  I don’t know anyone from La Loche personally. I do have children and the idea of them fearing school brings me close to tears. I have also lost people who were close to me, tragically.

For myself, in a attempts to show care I regularly turn to making. I try to put (transfer?) all of the care that I am feeling into my object – blind faith – I do it in the hope that those seeing the object that is made will (feel?) know the care, concern, and hope that I am wanting to share with them.

This week, I’ve sewn a banner for the Denesuliné community of La Loche, and also for families of Marie Janvier, Adam Wood, Drayden Fontaine, and Dayne Fontaine. As yet, I don’t know where I should send it, or to whom. Please get in touch if you have any thoughts. Additionally, I may need to be informed whether there is a culturally appropriate way to offer this gift?  I hope that the banner offers the Denesuliné community of La Loche a piece of light, similar in spirit to the candle light vigil held by the Stanley Mission, and in addition to the wonderful community hockey tournament, and art auction which I understand the Denesuliné have already come together to organize this week.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 12.39.22 PM

I have asked my family and some friends if they would like to write notes to the community and tie them to the banner. It would be wonderful if the banner flew – waving to the community from wherever each of us are today; the banner reads COURAGE.

I intend to mail the banner within a week, however if you or someone you know is interested in sharing a message let me know, I would be glad to write it on a piece of ribbon and add it the piece. Just drop me the message in the comment box below.

Community = Courage



This powerful, and personal suicide-prevention documentary was created by the community of La Loche and released just last year..

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