Day 2 of UAAC in Halifax

I fully intent to include some details about today’s proceedings, but that will have to wait until I get back to Fredericton my friends!

UAAC has been fantastic, very exciting and such a privilege to participate.

Once again, please keep in mind that there were many other fantastic talks that happened Saturday at UAAC, but I’m only one (at times intentionally fierce but still, only one) woman, and therefor am limited to being only one place at any one time..

**Please do check out the amazing artist Anna Sprague’s outdoor performance/camping course at NSCAD University. It sounds POSITIVELY amazing!! See more information below.**

Ashley Moffat, acting visitor experience manager at Parks Canada, said the park looks forward to future collaborations, especially after seeing the work at #KEJI. The artists took part in interpreter-guided hikes and canoe trips, and saw meteor showers and ancient Mi’kmaq petroglyphs at Kejimkujik – but retained a critical eye to the often-romanticized relationship with the park.

Aiden Gillis wore his hand-made shoes until he had to fix them with duct tape.
Aiden Gillis wore his hand-made shoes until he had to fix them with duct tape. (Photo: Rana Encol)

Sprague said her students read essays from two books – Creative Subversions, which interrogates the colonial history of national park culture and its fraught relationship to indigenous communities, as well as Queer Ecologies to enlighten their own practice.

– See more at:

Leaving for home first thing tomorrow morning.

Night night!

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