Thank you Mum..

I am so grateful for the participation of my mother, Annette Sercerchi, in a recent portion of my literature review work.

Out of a need to address a comment that I received on my literature review exam about ownership, and also another regarding the importance of keeping one’s research close-to-home (so to speak) that I had the following idea; I needed the work to be signed.

I realized that by adding the signatures of my maternal grandmother (Ruby Sercerchi), mother (Annette Sercerchi) and me to the underside of the review quilt it would be an acknowledgement of some of the work’s history as well as my own lineage and mentorship. Not only this, but the signatures would also increase the meaning of the piece for me personally AND, I would be speaking back (visually) to Alicia Boutilier’s paper “Who’s Quilt is it Anyway?”, which is a paper that I mentioned in this blog in January of 2014 and quote in the written portion of the literature review exam.

Soon after this evolution in my thinking, I recognized the additional importance of asking/inviting my mother to work on the quilt with me, thankfully mum accepted. I asked her if she had anything carrying my grandmother’s signature on it, which she might be able to transfer onto the quilt and trace in thread – in any colour she chose. Mum took the quilt home, and did just that. Finally, I asked if she would embroider her signature onto the second of the three corners of the quilt. It was only after mum’s work was complete that I added my signature to the piece – not to be the one to “sign it as finished”, but rather as an acknowledgement of my place in the lineage.

You can see images of our work above.

Thank you mum for collaborating with me – once again.

Published by Danielle Hogan

Visual artist, writer, curator, educator

3 thoughts on “Thank you Mum..

  1. Hi Danielle

    Sounds like your research and writing is going well. I sent you a note a while ago but don’t know if I have your correct address. I just wanted to connect you to Lycia who did Linen Memorial. I thought your art practices had some intersections so I gave her your info last week.

    Happy summer- it is gorgeous here on the BC coast. Much better then England!

    Best Anna Sent from my iPhone


    1. Hello Anna, thanks for getting in touch. It’s wonderful to hear from you.
      I don’t know Lycia’s work, but look forward to exploring it.

      I hope that work is going really well for you – I so loved following all of your progress and exhibitions while you were away in England. Congratulations again on all of your excellent work!

      I picture you paddling around your beautiful north coast this time of the summer?! We are taking the kids cycle touring and to see a folk festival on Campobello Island this coming long weekend. Looking forward to the break with them.

      Big warm hug to you!

  2. Well, made me cry (again); thank you Danielle for bringing Mum back again. Oh, how she would have loved your work and recognition of what her Mother, sisters and she did “as women’s work”. Also so happy to hear that Aunt Anne brought your Dad’s family into this circle of love and acknowledgement. I am a very lucky Mother♥️

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