Art Stories: THE POWER OF MUSIC presents a GREAT band, GREAT single,and a GREAT cause!

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For two years now, I’ve been involved with a group of volunteers working to promote the power and importance of the Arts at my daughter’s elementary school; we call our volunteer parent group Art Stories (you may remember some of my posts from last year when I was working on a quilt with the students from grades 1 and 2).

Well this year our project is called THE POWER OF MUSIC and we achieved our goal last month of having a different live musician or group visit each class in our school! It was simply amazing, and the kids LOVED it! As a gift to the kids we’ve also made a documentary featuring all of the musicians, singing, dancing, laughter and general fun we’ve been having since October. We will be premiering our documentary in Fredericton on May 31st at the downtown Farmer’s Market so please come out and join us for the celebrations!

Additionally, the fantastic Canadian band Grand Theft Bus got wind of our work and have offered to donate 100% of the funds from downloads of their new single It’s On Fire to our cause between now and the premier on May 31. So please visit their website and purchase the single now! It’s a “WIN WIN” – you all get an amazing new Canadian tune, and OUR KIDS get money for their art programs next year!

Thank you in advance for your support – and enjoy the new tune from Grand Theft Bus’!

Listen and Download the track ‘It’s On Fire’ here.


ps.If you do share in our cause for more Arts in our public school, please consider reposting about Gand Theft Bus’ generous offer!

Published by Danielle Hogan

Visual artist, writer, curator, educator

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