Can you see that this matters to me!?!

In addition to my feminist politics, I am dedicated to the promotion of stronger visual literacy skills. The very deliberate structure of my question, “Can you see that this matters to me?!” is intended to highlight those concerns in two very specific ways. In other words, my question might read “Is my concern regarding the inequality of representation for ALL women – as evidenced by this pie chart – ‘ made’ clear [this is the first point] (I might then add, and is it reinforced) visually?” [this is the second point]. 

I’m endlessly frustrated with these statistics (see ‘The Status Quo Has Got to Change in Canadian Galleries’ from April 24th). So, I’ve decided to put a little Craftivist theory to the task (see Sarah Corbett’s talking about here work here)!

Canadian recently published this article ‘Canadian Galleries Fall Short’ (April 15 2015). And here in this blog, I put out a call for people to get in touch with the chief curators of their provincial gallery to make them aware our disapproval.

I have been contemplating how to properly, and most effectively, state my own feelings on the issue, and today I began my ‘letter’. More to come (very) soon!..

Published by Danielle Hogan

Visual artist, writer, curator, educator

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