Today I want to express how grateful I am – for so many things. I’m grateful for the arrival of spring, I’m grateful for my loving parents, my healthy children, my loving partner, the privilege of waking up each morning safe and in a country I love, to do work that I also love, in an attempt to make some small positive difference in the world.

I am reminded of these gifts daily, and yesterday I was particularly struck by a kindness shown to me by a near stranger.

A month or so ago, I lent a book by Sarah Corbett of The Craftivist Collective to a fellow student after a talk at the University of New Brunswick. In thanks for that act of sharing on my part, this wonderful person returned the book to me yesterday in a small white felt gift bag with this beautiful little hand-sewn bird that she made just for me, perched on top. I don’t have words to express how touched I was by the care and consideration she showed to me for such a relatively small gesture on my part. This generosity of time, and spirit which she displayed has resonated with me deeply both by conjuring special memories from my youth, and in affirming my belief in the power of community/sharing/and Making.

I want to say thank you to her here.

IMG_3438 IMG_3439 IMG_3424

Published by Danielle Hogan

Visual artist, writer, curator, educator

One thought on “Gratitude

  1. Not only a Bird of Spring but one that I am sure you will treasure and remember fondly from whence it came. . Sometimes the “unexpected” gifts are the best…

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