How to deliver the Literature Review Quilt to my committee members?

As I near the time when my literature review will need to be distributed to my committee members I am faced with the challenge that there though an infinite number of copies may easily be made of the written response to the exam, there exists only one quilt (to be distributed amongst three adjudicators). Even if I was to invest the substantial cost of shipping the piece to each of them in turn, there is the question of whether or not each adjudicator would agree to be responsible for the object in their possession for the duration of time it takes to review the two halves of the work. Now certainly, a person could never be faulted for thinking “So just don’t send it! You’ve posted plenty of images of the piece on your blog”. However, upon further contemplation I’m not sure that it’s as simple as that. As a researcher it is fundamental to my thinking that the object(s) which are created by an arts-based researcher be experienced, in person, in order for the appropriate (or complete) experience(s) to be had/read by viewers/readers. This gravity of this belief is at centre of my current dilemma.
That brings me to my current maker-state, to the best of my thinking I have settled on the creation of three special pin-cushions (an original cushion for each of the adjudicating members of my committee) that will each have a built-in slot to told a USB stick (also quilted) containing the written – digital – component of my literature review.
Each of the three pin-cushions will be unique, but similar in that they will be comprised of the main elements from the quilt – the same fabric swatches (at least one panel of the six on the cushion containing a silkscreened/printed element from the quilt-review), buttons, and some of the pins used to create the original quilt.
I have finished two of the tree cushions. Below are a few images from the process. I would really appreciate your sharing with me any thoughts, comments, or questions you may have.
A sincere thank you for you for any and all of the time and interest that so many of you have shown in my work.I am most grateful for the support as I work through the many questions which arise as a process of this research.

Warmest regards,














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