A knit timeline of my personal influences, revelations, and creations in craft

This timeline will go at the front of the written portion of my literature review to demonstrate my personal influences.
A visual read of this time line begins is in the bottom left corner with a pink sweater-set, knit by my maternal grandmother Ruby Sercerchi, through the many pieces which I inspired me as I learned more and more about the history of feminist art and of the many exciting works in the field of contemporary craft. And perhaps not ‘finally’ but rather woven into the fibres of this virtual fabric are the objects in chronological order which I have created (ending in the top left corner at present day where I am choosing to also tie-off the literature review). Note once again, that this “timeline” reads as it would be knit, following line by line from bottom to top, and left to right followed sequentially by right to left – this visual pattern is repeated repeated until ‘tied-off’ in the top left corner.

knit timeline #32

Published by Danielle Hogan

Visual artist, writer, curator, educator

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