More family contributions..

So far, this quilting process has been an alternating practice of concentration and storytelling for my family and I. Last night I learned new stories about my step-father and how he first learned to sew (so sorry to hear about that lovely first blanket ruined in the wash!), shared knowledge about threading and no-knot tying, and made interesting observations about each person’s button selections. I am a lucky woman..


IMG_1862 IMG_1864 IMG_1874

My always supportive mother and step father helped out with my quilt last night, and my wonderful daughter worked to finish her ‘flower’ …that might just be my favourite part of the quilt now! (see below)



I think that most of the button quilting is finished now as every pattern-block corner is attached through all three layers with additional random attachments throughout the cream section. Now I have a bit of embroidery to do, I swear, the more I read/research/hear the more I feel I need to add to the quilt before I can possibly feel that it’s finished. Anyone relate to that? I’d love to hear your making stories!

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2 thoughts on “More family contributions..

  1. The family quilt is a story by itself…I love how our conversations have rekindled my feminist stories if the early ’70. We were considered ‘trouble makers’ for pushing the rules. Must incorporate this into my “A Moment Before I Go”….

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