Claudy Jonstra, Dutch felt artist

Claudy Jonstra

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Claudy Jonstra is an artist who’s work I am so excited to have recently discovered recently. She is from Holland and works both with other artists (see the link below for a link to the Dutch singer Nynke’s work), and creates her own contemporary  felt installations that simply extraordinary – and it’s all felted BY HAND.

Jonstra’s website (I’ve also attached a link below) states “The beauty of nature, raw materials and the exploration of crafts such as spinning, carding and weaving constantly inspire Jongstra to bring a sense of beauty and belonging to public spaces. […]

Working in an autarchic creation process is essential for the creative process. Committed to the value chain of creation, they raise their own sheep, keep bees, cultivate a botanical garden and grow their own plants for dyes. They leave no waste, respect nature and exemplify their philosophical values of utilizing local resources and traditional skills.”

Traditional skills, and local resources; those are values that many, many of us share!

This beautiful video will give you a good idea of both Jonstra’s process and the beautiful results of her making. Wow, I love natural fibres!


Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 1.53.35 PM

*Headpiece by artist Claudy Jonstra.

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