Sculls’n Soup

(…c’mon, I didn’t say sculls ‘in’ soup!)

I love autumn for the cozy and comforting business of cooking with root vegetables and squash & for the excitement and creativity that comes over our community when making our decorations for Halloween!

This is the wreath I just made for our front door. I’m quite excited about having worked-in some vintage black buttons that I had in the studio. The eyes light up at night! Eeek! (I just recycled the wreath form from Valentines Day, you might remember it..)



February 10th 2014 013 (from Valentine’s Day 2014, made with yarn and felt.)




Nothing scary about this soup!

Just a quick note: I skipped the sage, rosemary and celery from this recipe and added 2 large carrots and 5 small new potatoes and 2 extra garlic cloves because I wanted to stick to what we had in the garden. And, I shaved smoked gouda cheese onto the top to serve. Totally yummy. Don’t be afraid to make make your own mark on the recipe (that sounds like advise I’m often sharing with my drawing students!).





Published by Danielle Hogan

Visual artist, writer, curator, educator

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