Making Memories!

She’s as cute as a button; her parents are pleased as punch.

He’s old as Woody Woodpecker; and we partied like it was  1940.

Plus the lovely grandparents, somewhere between their platinum and silver anniversaries!

WOW! What a time we’ve just had!

I have happy news all around, this past friday we celebrated my step father’s 70th birthday and then Saturday afternoon my sister-in-law gave birth to their first child! Our family is just bursting with love and fun, I can’t help but make time to share some of it here.

Congratulations to Jason and Amanda, and many more happy birthdays to you Peter!


This is a photo of my handsome husband (one of three proud new uncles) holding baby girl for the first time. (And just look at that wonderful crochet hat which a crafter donated to the hospital as part of their basket of tuques for newborns. It’s almost as lovely as she is!)


My step-father LOVES trains, and carrot cake. So this is the birthday cake I made just for him! ..I alway think of care and thought that I put into the cakes I make as my most meaningful token of appreciation for each family celebration.


This is the birthday boy!


These are my wonderful parents-in-law on their wedding anniversary this past August with the caramel cake that I make for them.


My mother-in-law has a particular weakness for caramel (to the point where I never see a container of it that I don’t think of her!) so I made my first “Southern Caramel Cake” in her/their honour this past summer (with homemade granola and baked pear). She was tickled pink..

Love to them all!



Published by Danielle Hogan

Visual artist, writer, curator, educator

2 thoughts on “Making Memories!

  1. Danielle makes every occasion a SPECIAL occasion with her cakes and love of entertaining! Recently found out she SINGS too but there was a promise “not to share”….

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