A Craftifesto, and a “thank you!”

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I am very close to handing in my literature review comprehensive exam! Yay! I want to say a big thank you to all of you for your interest, and to also thank those of you who have been writing me through this blog and lending your support to my research. It means a lot.

Along with so very many others, I am dedicated to sharing; I see it as a political act. I aim to share academically and share socially my research, finding, objects, successes & mistakes and also, by sharing here on the web ‘neighbourly‘ musings about the brilliant work of many of our fellow intelligent and creative makers (and links to their websites so that you can read more).

Please keep sharing with me, and if there is anything here that you feel would be of encouragement to someone else you know – share it forward! All of our making matters!


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From Sarah Corbett on her blog Craftivist Collective:


You can read more about another great art and activism group  – Gentle Actions – which was active in the fall of 2010 below:


And an ongoing one, Crochet Coral Reef, which is raising awareness concerning the environmental degradation of  coral reefs.


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