Trimming the triangle.

Here I am, the time has come to trim the triangle (don’t worry, this isn’t a post about Amanda Palmers “Map of Tasmania”, though I do love that song.. A triangle is the shape of my quilt.

I have been thinking  a lot today about the woman who first taught me how to properly sew the binding onto a quilt.  It was our wonderful neighbour at the time, Linda, who lived right next door to us in our first home in Victoria BC.  My mother and sister were thousands of miles away on the east coast of Canada (read: “too far away to bail me out”), and I was working (“Constructivistly” – ie. making-it-up-as-you-go) on my first proper quilt for our young daughter’s second birthday.

I had NO idea how to sew the binding so that it would be straight, let alone that it might turn the corners at a proper 45∘ angle, and Linda welcomed me into her home and took the time to show show me how to do all of this. So, today, as I apply her teachings once again (and she was a teacher before she retired), in case I didn’t ever say this loudly enough at the time Linda, ‘Thank you’. The skills and techniques that you shared with me years ago are precious to me and I intend the share them with both my daughter and my son. (Ps. ‘Hope this looks ok!?!..’)

IMG_0116 IMG_0064






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