How it leaves me..

After I walked our daughter to school this morning, I had the most wonderful sunny stroll back to our house before beginning my day’s sewing in the studio.

Along the way I was struck by the beauty of fall on the east coast. In some ways (and please don’t laugh) I feel privileged to witness the flight of a dry, brightly coloured leaf off of a tree. I believe this feeling started in me after, when our daughter was just little, we borrowed The Little Yellow Leaf from the public library to read to her. (It’s a delightful picture book about a leaf who is afraid to take a leap into the unknown). Nowadays, if my excursions happen to coincide with the decent of a single leaf as it sways and rolls its way to the cool damp grass, I immediately feel grateful, and (you promised not to laugh..) a tiny bit proud..

Maybe I’m just thinking about my kids and how brave I think they are, or maybe I’m thinking about this studio-based PhD research I’m engaged in, and how scared I am -not always, but many days-  that it may not turn out “this way” or “that”. Let’s be honest, I sympathize with that little yellow leaf! Taking any plunge into the unknown is a real act of faith. Here’s to everyone, EVERYONE, who’s taken some kind of a plunge into the unknown today- whether there was someone there to witness your bravery or not. Well done!


Just in case you’d like to check out Carin Berger’s wonderful book:

yellow leaf

Published by Danielle Hogan

Visual artist, writer, curator, educator

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