This ain’t your momma’s literature review! …but it might look a lot like your grandma’s

I’ve been working really hard the last month on my Literature Comprehensive Exam and I want to share a few photos and thoughts on it. In addition to the more traditional writing for the exam, I have decided that I am making a quilt where each design block will represent – or tell the story – of a different aspect of my PhD research material. As my research, I am looking at changing feminist theories since the 1970s, Craftivism, notions of ‘women’s work’ in art, and the expressive possibilities/potential of the media and processes of craft. Perhaps easier said, then ‘made’? Perhaps, but I’m giving it all I got.

September 9 2014 555

September 9 2014 557

quilt from Sept 9th 010

quilt from Sept 9th 009

quilt from Sept 9th 011

quilt from Sept 9th 015

quilt from Sept 9th 014

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