Makers make things!

My husband and I have a young daughter and a few years back she was very interested in Disney’s “Tinkerbell”. There’s a line from “Tink’s” first feature animated film that has stuck with me, “I’m a Tinker, that’s who I am, and Tinkers fix things!” only when I’m thinking of it I’m typically thinking “I’m a Maker, that’s who I am, and Makers make things!”

This post is me thinking back on a few of the things (in addition to ‘making’ my thesis research) that I made this summer…

a) In July, my mother gave me this fantastic melamine butter dish that she found at a thrift shop this summer. I fell in love with it…
September 9 2014 257

So I ripped the leather center out of an old wooden chair, did some crack filler, and spray painted it to make it look like this.

September 9 2014 253

b) My mother and father-in-law celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary last week, and I made this.

September 9 2014 161

and our son turned 4 so I make this..

Tate's 4th Birthday August 24th 2014 327

c) I began knitting to make a small striped baby blanket, and I’ve ended up making this blanket.

photo of me with my summer knitting project

d) And just so that I’m not giving the impression that Makers all make “attractive” things, I also MADE this mess last week…

September 9 2014 259

So, I’m left content in the knowledge that – for better or worse – “I’m a Maker, that’s who I am, and Makers make things!”

And here is a video from the Victoria & Albert’s exhibition The Power of Making that looks at some other proud “makers”:

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