InSEA World Congress_Thursday_Patricia Piccinini

Our keynote address this morning was by the amazingly intelligent, thoughtful, creative and famous Australian artist Patricia Piccinini.

InSEA_Thursday 019

Coffee with new friends Libby and Ruth around Melbourne.
@The Little Mule
<img src=” 033InSEA_Thursday 043

InSEA_Thursday 042InSEA_Thursday 049InSEA_Thursday 046

InSEA_Thursday 045InSEA_Thursday 031sea_thursday-076.jpg” alt=”InSEA_Thursday 076″ width=”560″ height=”389″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-1961″ />
@ Little Baba Budan
InSEA_Thursday 029InSEA_Thursday 024InSEA_Thursday 030InSEA_Thursday 021

InSEA_Thursday 020InSEA_Thursday 028InSEA_Thursday 027

InSEA_Thursday 026
Out on the streets of Melbourne.
The famous street cars!
InSEA_Thursday 068

InSEA_Thursday 067
InSEA_Thursday 066

The Australian Prime Minister as envisioned by an artist from Melbourne’s celebrated street art community!
InSEA_Thursday 063

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