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Today I read and share;
By necessity, the complexity of visual arts research practice has to bridge disciplines, and in doing so, not only opens up new possibilities such as those on offer within the newer information technologies, but it also renders moot old arguments that see inquiry as methods bound rather than issues driven. For the artist-theorist completing projects within the academic setting, the methods deployed in surrounding a research problem will be necessarily broad yet grounded in personal and public relevance. Whether undertaking research in art or about art, the artist-theorist becomes involved in a set of practices that must be defensible. The aim of research in visual arts, as in other similar forms of exploratory inquiry, is to provoke, challenge, and illuminate rather than confirm and consolidate. Making informed choices about creative ends and means involves selecting, adapting, and constructing ways of working and ways of seeing. To do this, one has to construct the tools of inquiry from an array of practices. Yet when working from a base in contemporary art, the conceptions of the discipline are uncertain, the informing parameters are open-ended, yet the opportunity for inventive inquiry is at hand. In these circumstances, the artist-theorist is seen to be participating in a postdisciplinary, relational and transformative practice.
Art Practice as Research: Inquiry in Visual Arts
(p. 178-179)

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